Winter Parking Lot Do's & Don'ts

Winter Parking Lot Do’s & Don’ts

As COVID-19 resurges with greater force, it’s uncertain what the holiday shopping season will be like. 

Most shoppers will likely buy online, even if there is no lockdown. In any case, parking lot managers should be prepared to keep their pavement assets safe and hygienic for visitors and protect their asphalt from the elements. 

The same can be said for parking lots, which will see varying traffic levels on NYE. 

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In today’s blog, we list some dos and don’ts that you should follow on your parking lot during the winter and encourage visitors/employees to do the same. 

Do Manage Traffic Flow

To start, you should establish a clear flow of traffic on your lot, even if you expect fewer customers this year. This is because even a deadly pandemic can’t change parking behaviors! 

Indeed, drivers are usually impatient to find spaces and back out. This is also true for employee parking spaces because dozens of people are exiting the lot at the same time. Hence, you need to manage traffic flow to reduce the risk of accidents. 

Don’t Ignore Winter Damage.

As we noted in our blog on preparing parking lots for wintersasphalt contractors usually perform paving and maintenance in the warmer months. That’s why proactive property managers get their lots repaired during the fall before the weather drops below freezing temperatures. 

That said, you shouldn’t ignore cracks, potholes, and other signs of damage on your parking lot during the winters. While asphalt solutions require warm temperatures to cure, asphalt contractors can still perform procedures like cold patching and infrared repairs to fix pavement until spring arrives. 

Do Install Signage

Moving on, parking lot signage is necessary throughout the year to maintain safety. And this becomes all the more necessary in a pandemic winter. Hence, you should have proper signage visibly in place to maintain traffic flow and social distancing. Also, ensure that entry/exit points are clearly marked and free from clutter.

Don’t Use Salt Deicers.

When it snows in Boston, you need to keep your lot clear from ice and snow. The elements not only create hazards for visitors, but they also erode asphalt. However, don’t use salt deicers to melt snow, as they are terrible for asphalt surfaces. Instead, use controlled quantities of safe de-icing materials, like sand.

It’s better to call professionals to remove snow from your commercial property in a safe and eco-friendly manner. 

Do Decorate With Safety In Mind

If you plan to decorate your lot, do keep visitor/employee safety in mind:

  • Avoid spreading extension cords across open areas.
  • Use holiday lights that are safety-accredited
  • Avoid flammable materials
  • Follow safety protocols while using ladders.
  • Avoid cluttering pathways, especially entry/exit points.

Don’t Ignore Drainage.

Finally, keep an eye out for rain forecasts, and don’t forget to check your drainage features. Keep the surface clean from debris, and unclog storm drains to prevent water pooling on the surface. 

Have a safe holiday season!

At The Pavement Group, we specialize in asphalt paving and maintenance for all kinds of commercial properties in BostonClick here to get a free estimate.

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