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Brian Hess


Michael Hoogheem

Chief Operating Officer

Trisha Lamy

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Tony Grout

Director of Field Operations

Chad Melaughlin

Director of Operations

Amy Ford

Director of Finance

Todd Gorell

Chief Growth Officer

Eli Stoehr

Director of National Sales

Miranda Rowe

Director of Marketing

Jackie Flaherty

Office Manager

Renee Tracy

Accounts Payable Manager

Bob Barnard

Director of National Accounts

Paige Perkins

National Account Executive

Chad Fay

National Account Executive

Michael Aceti

National Account Executive

Michael Sapienza

National Account Executive

Chris Lambert

Strategic Account Executive

Patrick Ford

National Account Executive

Trudi Stevens

Senior National Project Coordinator

Jenna Raisley

National Project Coordinator

David Stepanian

National Project Coordinator

Tyler Stratton

National Project Coordinator

Mark Perkins

National Project Coordinator

Maria Albert

National Project Coordinator

Alyssa Gallagher

National Project Coordinator

Tre Tipton

Coordinator of Strategic Partnerships

Vinnie Candelore

Brand & Content Strategist

David Martin

Project Manager

Hanna Meyer

Accounts Receivable Manager

Incorporating core values into a company’s work culture not only sets a foundation for strong ethics and principles, but also fosters a sense of unity, purpose, and motivation among employees, leading to a more productive and fulfilling work environment.


When we put doing the right thing and transparency at the forefront of all of our interactions in business, we find that we can build trust and loyalty with our clients and colleagues.


Every one of our employees is a highly motivated individual. These high performers are well engaged in helping to create these processes and constantly looking to improve systems and communication.


True leadership is a selfless act. We have seen and experienced when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. And when we succeed, there is a ripple effect in our business relationships and in our community.


Discipline is the choice to follow through on the path to achieving one’s goals. It can also mean disciplining one’s emotions or ego to make good decisions throughout the day.

Constant Self Improvement

Our highly motivated employees are constantly improving themselves outside of work in their own individual ways; whether they are hitting the gym or attending a personal development event, they all work to improve themselves.


We are beginning to see the fruits of this culture in our business relationships, our content creation, and the success of the company. When the employees can trust and feel supported, they create. They create technical processes as well as art.


At TPG we truly want people to enjoy coming to the office. We know they have lives outside of work; but while they are here, we hope to create a home away from home. We encourage taking a moment to unwind in the middle of the workday and use the putting green or bang out some pullups. We like to celebrate holidays together, including each other’s milestones and birthdays. We incorporate fun activities like finding a GIF to represent their personality to not only bring a sense of humor and levity to the workplace, but to also allow our employees to create and connect with colleagues on a more personal level. We hope this will encourage our clients to do the same!

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Managing a large portfolio can be extremely challenging. The Pavement Group makes it easy. Imagine being able to see all of your parking lots from your computer. These folks make it happen! The technology they provide has enabled our company to make better maintenance decisions. This has allowed us to control our spend, make better repair vs replace decisions, and start a preventive maintenance program for our stores. I highly recommend giving this team a shot at your parking lot maintenance.

Kyle Mcdaniel


It’s a rarity to encounter a company that handled our job so flawlessly and timely the way The Pavement Group did. We felt transparency and honesty from the initial point of contact with Eli. The owner Brian also has a great personality– when we met him for the first time, we left feeling like we knew him for years. Great experience from start to finish. So refreshing to work with a business ran with honesty and integrity! Many thanks to The Pavement Group!!

Edward Coyle

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