Faded lines in parking lots are a recipe for disaster. One might not perceive it as a high priority repair job, but in reality, it is not something that should be neglected.

Line-striping in parking lots makes handicap spots visible for ADA compliance, maximizes space, acts as a guide for drivers, reduces accidents, and elevates curb appeal.

Duration from last paint job or faded lines is not the only indicator that it’s time for repainting the lines. There are several signs signifying the need for line striping. Click here to get a quote from The Pavement Group for line striping your parking lot in Raleigh, NC.

Below are five signs telling you that it’s time for line striping your parking lot.

1. Worn down wheel strips

If wheel strips have recently sustained more damage and scuff marks, then it’s probably time for line striping. When drivers are unable to see the lines, they are not able to stop in time.

Before drivers can brake, wheel strips disappear under bumpers and wheels. Faded paint or damaged asphalt can both be causes of impaired visuals of line striping.

2. Sloppy parking

When more drivers are parking sloppily outside a parking spot or against the fishbone, you need to get to repainting.

Car spots are highlighted with line striping, so the space of the lot is maximized. When drivers park correctly, all cars can quickly leave the parking lot, and there is enough space left over for drivers to climb out without scratching the neighboring vehicles. 

3. Obscured visuals

The bright color of line stripes is explicitly chosen for high visibility. The paint is supposed to be clearly visible under a thin layer of snow or rainwater in case of bad weather.

However, if drivers can’t see the line stripes in your parking lot, it probably requires a fresh coat of paint. The current storm is an excellent opportunity for parking lot owners to assess if new line striping is needed.

4. Misuse of handicap spots

The law demands the availability of sufficient handicap parking spots and its strict implementation. All drivers without a tag need to be penalized for parking in handicap spots. People mostly respect the law for handicapped parking unless there is an emergency.

Yet, if drivers are frequently ignoring this parking rule, the chances are that they don’t know that it is a handicap spot. If drivers are repeatedly violating this law, you should get your line stripes redone.

5. Increased fender-benders

Is there a student increase in fender-benders,  broken tail lights, and accidents in your parking lot?

Faded stencils and lines might be the cause. The lines indicate where drivers need to drive carefully, while the stencils indicate stops or wait. Without these two indicators, cars solely depend on the drivers’ own driving ethics and knowledge.

Use these pro tips to judge the need and urgency for line striping your parking lot. Fading lines have nothing to do with time, but with use and other factors, so don’t wait five years for repainting. 

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