Refresh Your Pavement: A Guide To Restriping Your Parking Lot

Refresh Your Pavement: A Guide To Restriping Your Parking Lot

Are faded lines making your parking area look unattractive? If so, it might be time to call a pavement contractor like The Pavement Group!

Some people might think repainting the pavement markings in a parking lot is as simple as painting lines on top of the old pavement. This is not the case; restriping requires removing the old lines and applying new paint. Restriping the parking lot can refresh your property by giving it a much-needed uplift.

Why Do I Need Restriping?

The answer has to do with how lines wear down and not the pavement condition. Over time, weather elements and traffic can erode pavement markings.

This can become a safety hazard for your customers, obstruct the traffic flow on your lot, or even give a negative impression about your property. By restriping your parking lot, you can avoid these problems and keep your parking lot looking its best.

When Should I Restripe?

The short answer is: it depends. The condition of your pavement, the weather, and traffic patterns will all play a role in determining when it’s time for a restriping job.

Methods of Removing Striping

Following are a few methods that can be used to remove old paint:

Water Blasting:  Water blasting is typically done with a high-pressure washer. It is the least damaging for the pavement and the environment, but it can be costly. It is suitable for where the underlying paint is in good condition.

Sanding: Sanding is a suitable method for the complete removal of the paint, especially from the pavement that has been damaged or weathered. It uses abrasive materials like sand to remove the paint. It tends to cause debris and dust, thereby increasing the overall costs.

Grinding: This method requires a machine to scrape off the pavement paint. It is very effective for removing thick layers of paint. It can cause damage to the pavement if not done correctly, requiring further repairs.

Chemical Removal: Chemical removal uses chemicals and solvents to remove pavement paint. It does little to no damage on the surface, but it can be dangerous if not done correctly. It can also leave the pavement damaged or discolored.

After the old pavement markings have been removed, the pavement needs to be cleaned before new pavement markings can be applied. The best way to clean pavement is by power washing, removing all dirt, dust, and debris from the pavement’s surface.

Wait! Before restriping, check for and repair any damage on your pavement. Now that your pavement is clean and damage-free, you are ready to start restriping your parking lot!

The Pavement Group serving the Minneapolis, MI area, works with each customer to ensure their pavement needs are met. The removal method and type of reapplication for restriping parking lots is always pavement and project-specific.

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