An asphalt project costs a lot of money. Most likely, the money it costs is probably money that you probably have no interest in spending any time soon. 

It is a given that you want your asphalt surface to last for years. However, a few wrong moves, and the return on your investment can vanish quickly. That being said, you need to be extra careful about a few things once your project is complete.

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There are a few things that can save you from having to repave sooner than you would like once your new project is complete. Below is a list of tips that you want to follow after you repave:

Things To Do After You Pave

Do Wait 24 Hours Before Use If You Can

Try your best not to use an asphalt surface right away. Wait for a day before you drive over to avoid damaging the new surface. Since the asphalt surface hasn’t completely cured, using it could cause scuffing or tearing from wheels turning on the soft surface too soon. 

Do Avoid Sharp Turns

Avoiding sharply turning your wheels while your vehicle is stationary or barely moving can keep your new surface looking picture-perfect the way you want it. Most of the time scuff and tear marks disappear over time as the surface cures but it’s fairly easy to avoid those “power steering” marks once you’re aware of how they happen.

Do Clean Up All Spills

Clean up all vehicle fluid leaks and spills immediately. If oil from a vehicle leaks on a new surface, it will cause visible damage.  

Do Keep the Parking Lot Clean

Cleaning the parking lot regularly over the life of the lot will protect it from damage. Stones and debris that sit on the surface and are run over repeatedly by vehicles will increase the speed of wearing for your parking lot or roadway.

Things To Avoid

Don’t Drive Near The Edge

Avoid driving near the edge of the new surface. The edge is where the asphalt surface is the weakest. Driving near any edge of the asphalt surface could cause it to crack due to the vehicle’s weight being too much for the edge to hold. 

Don’t Park in the Same Spot

Parking in the same spot every day on the asphalt surface will cause it to wear down. Repeated parking in the spaces closest to the building for example, is why you see the front parking spaces everywhere you go with more damage that those in the rear of the parking lot. Try to switch it up with your parking spot. 

Don’t Sealcoat Right Away

Sealcoating is done on the surface to protect it against damage from elements like water, sunlight, dirt, and debris, among other things. It forms a protective layer on top of the asphalt.

However, sealcoating your asphalt surface too soon is unnecessary and could cause the sealer to peel. Asphalt contains binders that come from oil. Those oils need to cure so that the sealer can properly adhere to the surface and protect the surface the way it should.

It is common to wait one year before you choose to sealcoat. By then, the asphalt surface will have cured and ready to accept the sealer that will prolong your new surface’s life. 

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