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4 Ways Sealcoating Can Save You Money

Sealcoating is an affordable way to protect your driveway or parking lot from water, oil, and gasoline spills. The sealant can also help seal the joints in your pavement so that dirt and debris don’t collect between them and further aggravate the damage.

Sealcoating will not only save you money by preventing costly repairs but will also increase the lifespan of your asphalt. This blog post will discuss four ways sealcoating helps you save money in the long run and why it should be something on every property owner’s checklist!

1) Prevents Expensive Repair Costs

You can identify small cracks during the sealcoating process and repair them before they get too big. If you don’t seal coat your pavement, you might never find minor cracks until they become too big for minor repairs.

So, make the right choice: seal coat your pavement regularly or pay for fixing a large crack. Keep in mind repairing cracks can cost a bundle, while sealcoating is relatively inexpensive.

2) Prevents Pothole Formation

Sealcoating is a great way to prevent those pesky potholes from showing up on your surface. These holes can be dangerous and can be an accident waiting to happen if not prevented with sealcoating. The sealant will help keep the asphalt together so that large cracks aren’t formed, which are the leading cause of potholes.

3) Low-Cost Application

For most sealcoating projects, the entire sealer application process costs less than a few hundred dollars. However, the actual price depends on the area square footage, surface type, and other factors.

Make sure you choose a reliable and experienced sealcoating company to do the job for you. Otherwise, there are high chances your pavement will experience early deterioration due to low-quality sealcoating products or techniques used. 

4) Little to No Maintenance Costs

A seal coated pavement requires less care than a regular asphalt surface. Removing stains, spills, and other debris from the surface is much easier when your pavement is sealcoated with a high-quality sealant.

In addition, you only need to seal coat asphalt every two to three years to preserve the look and condition of your asphalt pavement. This is also another cost saving for you!

At The Pavement Group, we use a rich black acrylic base to form a protective layer over the asphalt pavement against damaging elements. Our experts use A-grade quality products and advanced sealcoating techniques to ensure your asphalt has a deepened black appearance and slip-resistant surface.

Whether you want to seal coat your driveway or parking lot in Richmond, WI, our experts are always ready to provide you with tailored services. We keep communication transparent from beginning till the end to ensure superior customer satisfaction.

Feel free to connect with us to get a free estimate for our sealcoating services today! 

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