Rain and wet weather can wreak havoc on your pavement and property, especially if the catch basin is not properly maintained. Constant rain and thunderstorms can take a toll on the catch basin as it works overtime, resulting in sinkholes, or water overflowing and flooding on the surface.

As a result, you might need immediate pavement maintenance after a rainy season. Ignoring your pavement maintenance around catch basin’s often leads to dangerous hazards as the pool of standing water accumulates each time it rains.

With the weather frequently changing in Pittsburgh, PA, it is wise to regularly inspect your catch basin for potential damages. Procuring the services of a company skilled at catch basin repair in Pittsburgh, PA, can go a long way in preventing damage.

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While professional help can repair and restore your catch basin, you need to follow a few essential tips to keep your catch basin in good condition. Following these useful tips will help your catch basin bear almost anything nature throws at it.

1. Remove Debris in the Storage Area

During catch basin maintenance and installation, ensure that your catch basin has a remote collection area where it stores twigs, leaves, and other debris forms. Unchecked debris accumulation can harm the pavement as it clogs your drainage and vomits everything outside.

Remember to remove the debris frequently, especially after rain or a large storm and heavy winds.

2. Clear the Grates

Blockage in the catch basin prevents the efficient drainage of water. It becomes challenging for a catch basin to drain water when litter and debris obstruct the grates. The grate will become clogged if you leave it as it is for an extended period of time.

So, make sure to keep a vigilant eye on the grates after a storm or heavy rain and remove all litter types and debris that obstruct them.

3. Flush the Drainpipe

Once you are done clearing the grates and scooping out all forms of debris from the storage area, turn your attention to the drainpipe. Dirty water can seep in through the drainpipe, contaminating your front yard or the local waterway.

So, flush out the drainpipe using clean water from a hose and clear all the contaminants within it. Remember to clean the pipe using water, drain cleaners, or similar cleaning chemical in order to clean the entire system efficiently.  

In addition to all the maintenance tips, you can also hire a professional for catch basin repair in Pittsburgh, PA. At The Pavement Group, we cater to all catch basin needs. Whether it is a brand-new catch basin installation or repair, our team is up and ready to resolve all your issues. Click here to get immediate assistance and a free estimate for premium catch basin services.