What comes to mind when you think about a new parking lot? You would probably imagine rich, black asphalt or freshly painted parking spaces. You may also think about the curb that protects the landscaping.

But there’s one aspect that is often overlooked when you talk about parking lots: drainage.

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It’s easy to overlook parking lot drainage because, well, it’s invisible.

But signs of poor drainage become clearly visible in the form of water collecting on the surface, damaging the asphalt’s integrity.

Why drainage matters for your parking lot

Having proper drainage is necessary to preserve the investment you have made in your asphalt parking lot. This is especially true for places like Nashville, Tennessee, that get a lot of rain throughout the year.

When water collects on the parking lot, it can damage the surface and lead to costly repairs. In the meantime, the water will make it both difficult and dangerous for customers and employees to enter your business’ premises.

Moreover, the stagnant water may also contain unhealthy contaminants, which poses a health hazard. In some cases, the water drains towards the building itself, which is also bad for your business’ building as it causes surface erosion.

Ultimately, the moisture can damage the base and the surface of the asphalt, significantly diminishing its lifespan.

For all these reasons, you need to consider your parking lot drainage before it becomes a nuisance.

When to seek help?

Ideally, your parking lot contractor should have inspected the drainage before laying the asphalt paving. Sand, rock, and other ground materials have to be excavated before installing a pavement. Moreover, drains, inlets, or curbs need to be laid down to channel the water flow. 

In the absence of these necessary features, drainage problems become inevitable.

Sometimes it is easy to see when there’s a problem with parking lot drainage. For instance, you may notice that water runs down in the middle of your parking lot, or water accumulates at a specific area on the surface.

At other times, the warning signs are not so obvious. See if you notice a dusty residue on the asphalt. This occurs when water breaks down the pavement and carries the silt with it. When the water dries, it leaves behind dusty spots on the surface.

If you notice these spots, this is yet another sign that there’s some problem with the drainage.

What are the options?

When you notice the issues mentioned above, take immediate action to avoid further damage. Timely maintenance and repairs will help you avoid the cost and headache of going for a complete asphalt replacement for years.

There are three main options to rectify poor drainage on your parking lot:

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