Ever since COVID-19 came along, fewer people in Pittsburgh have been traveling by road because of quarantine. As we were all locked up in our homes, the parking lots and roads being more exposed showed everyone that they were looking quite rough around the edges.  That is just what happens when your paved surfaces haven’t received some TLC in a while. Parking lots and roads crack open, and your asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces start to look like they could use a makeover.

Our asphalt and concrete experts will renovate your weary-looking paved surfaces through onsite pavement assessments from our team. After we complete those assessments, and you are ready to move forward working with our team, the process gets even better! Our team will be interacting with you from the minute you choose us until you approve the work that we perform for you via an online project management portal to make sure everything is handled exactly the way it was discussed and planned with you. This portal will keep you updated about every step of your pavement project from start to finish, without any delays and miscommunication errors! Click here to get a free pavement evaluation and pavement quote now!

So, just what is crack sealing anyway?

Crack sealing, as the name suggests, seals in the cracks found on your asphalt surfaces by applying a hot melted rubber sealant inside the cracks to prevent water seepage. When the sealant cools down, it acts as a sturdy adhesive to keep the cracks in conjunction with one another; therefore, preventing chances of the paved surface from cracking open during Pittsburgh’s scorching summer months.

Does crack sealing work on all sorts of cracks?

Yes sir. Crack sealing is the perfect companion for both horizontal and vertical cracks of varying sizes. Also, it’s great for other types of asphalt and concrete cracks, especially concrete cracks, heaving cracks, settling cracks, cracks caused by premature drying, and much more!

The Benefits of Crack Sealing 

No one has ever gone wrong with crack sealing their paved parking lots and roads. Ever. 

Here are some top benefits of crack sealing and why it’s the best bang for the buck: 

It saves you from having to get a new road or parking lot paved from scratch – super budget-friendly!

Wrap Up 

The benefits of crack sealing your parking lots and roads are endless. The reason why crack sealing is the best money you can spend is that you will get much more life out of your asphalt pavement surface by investing in low-cost maintenance work like asphalt crack sealing!  

If your asphalt or concrete surface is looking a little beat up lately, don’t worry – The Pavement Group is right there with you! We use top-quality and cost-effective crack sealing materials and equipment that guarantees your paved surface immunity from breaking open easily. With us, you can be sure to have long-lasting, durable, and high-performance roads and parking lots in the most cost-efficient way possible – and that too, in very little time!

If you are searching for a pavement contractor to give your asphalt surface the protection it needs with some crack sealing, click here to get a free quote today!  You may also check out our wide range of paving services over here or call us at (833) 400-4747 to get in touch with one of our asphalt & concrete experts for more information!