It’s not enough to have your own parking lot in Boston. You have to play your part in maintaining the structural integrity and the clean, blacktop look of the asphalt.

Make no mistake about it. Asphalt is a sturdy material and can last for many years. But this requires timely and proper maintenance.

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When it comes to asphalt maintenance, you can repair damage like cracks or go for resurfacing. Today, we talk about when to resurface your parking lot.

What is Resurfacing?

There are several ways to maintain the durability of an asphalt parking lot. It ranges from regular cleaning of the surface to sealcoating the paving to restore its look. These are low-cost and time-efficient ways of keeping your commercial property safe and clean without taking much time and effort.

Resurfacing, on the other hand, is one of the more expensive maintenance procedures. It involves removing a few inches from the surface of the pavement and replacing it with a new asphalt surface.

And while it costs a little extra, it will add years to your parking lot’s lifespan in Boston.

When to go for resurfacing?

To begin with, resurfacing should be performed if there is damage to the parking lot’s surface. Even with regular maintenance, the surface will wear out and lose its shine over time due to daily traffic and the local weather.

In this scenario, you can consider resurfacing to restore the shine and sturdiness of the asphalt.

Sometimes you may notice signs of damage on your parking lot, but there may be an underlying issue. In this case, a proper inspection of the damaged area is necessary to determine whether resurfacing is suitable or not.

In any scenario, you can only go for resurfacing if the parking lot has a solid base. If the asphalt shows signs of structural damage, then resurfacing will only act as a quick fix.

The visible damage on the surface will become invisible as long as the weather is pleasant, and there is moderate traffic in your parking lot.

But as soon as the weather becomes extreme, or you experience heavy traffic on your parking lot, the damage will again become visible, perhaps even more so than before.

Other factors to consider

Age matters a lot when you need to resurface your parking lot. An asphalt paving can last up to 20 years. But this depends on maintenance and the amount of wear and tear the surface endures over the years.

With resurfacing, you can add up to 15 years to your parking lot. However, if your parking lot is nearing the end of its lifespan, it is better to repave the whole thing.

And finally, remember that even after resurfacing, you still have to be diligent with your parking lot’s upkeep to preserve it in pristine condition. Click here to get a parking lot resurfacing quote from The Pavement Group.