Parking lot striping, also known as traffic marking, provides pictorial and sign instructions for drivers. These striping lines paint easy-to-follow signs, including bright lines for each car parking, entry and exit signals, clear instructions for handicapped parking, and emergency exit areas, if there are any. Proper usage of these signs helps the drivers prevent accidents and injuries in the parking lot. 

While there are various paints to achieve different painting results, similarly, for traffic marking, there is also a variety of different kinds of paints to choose from, which differentiate in material reflectance index, texture, and longevity.

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In today’s blog, we will share all the information regarding the different kinds of paints used for traffic marking to help you make the best choice for your needs.

1. Reflective Paint

As the name suggests, this kind of paint has material like glass chards added to it, making it shine at night. Reflective paint is a good option for parking lot striping to prevent accidents while parking or driving in the parking lot at night.

2. Water-Based Paint

Water-based paints are similar to the paints that parents buy for their children. They are the cheapest option to choose from at any convenience store. Water paints are commonly used due to its quick drying property that allows the traffic to resume right after 10-15 minutes of its application.

However, as easy as that sounds, its main ingredient is water. This means any weather changes such as rain, snow, or ice may wipe it away in time.

3. Oil-Based Paint

As oil is the binding factor in this type of paint, any surface painted with it lasts for a long time. Parking lot striping with oil-based paint is a good option for areas that experience different weather changes as oil paint provides durability and longevity.

Even in freezing temperatures where water paint is most likely to wash off with snow and ice, oil paint can neither be washed off nor frozen. Furthermore, high-quality oil paint will require less maintenance and will not have to be re-applied frequently. While it is the most durable option, many people avoid it because of the damage it causes to the environment. 

4. Thermal Plastic Paint

Thermal plastic paint is one of the most expensive options for parking lot striping paint. While it is not an ordinary striping paint, it contains plastic, which has to be heated and melted down before applying to a specific area.

Parking lot striping done with thermal plastic paint is thick and looks enate from the surface level. The main advantage it offers is that it is incredibly durable and can bear harsh and worse conditions than standard striping paint. However, this option is more expensive than others.

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