Did you know that pavement maintenance will most likely be one of the largest capital expenditures for a commercial property manager? To manage expectations associated with those capital investments, it is critical to maintain your pavement proactively in a way that works for you versus against you.

Creating the right environment to promote long-lasting pavements takes a diligent strategy starting with a thorough pavement assessment.Ultimately, it’s the assessment that lays the framework for appropriate management and maintenance of your pavements.Let’s review the benefits and importance of a pavement assessment for your asphalt pavements’ continued longevity.

Provides Insight on Current Pavement Condition

Efficiently and effectively managing your pavement requires a commitment to understanding its’ current condition.A thorough pavement evaluation identifies and addresses both surface level and underlying issues in need of repair.

Pavement evaluations performed by The Pavement Group consist of inspecting your pavement for areas of concern while identifying the location, size, and rating of pavement deficiencies.Also reviewed are potential drainage issues, ADA non-compliance issues, and the integrity of stormwater intake collars.From there, The Pavement Group provides a map to visually represent needed improvements throughout your property.Furthermore, we provide individual photos of each area of concern along with a detailed description of the deterioration.

The most common deteriorations include:

Understanding your pavement condition will ultimately set you up for success in managing those conditions now and in the future.

Provides More Efficient Repair Options

As discussed, pavement evaluations provide the starting point for a pavement assessment.The next step would be to utilize field investigation information to identify which repairs are needed immediately, and what those repair options entail.

Reviewing the pavement evaluation map and identifying whether the deterioration is slight, moderate, or severe helps guide a pavement manager toward the repairs to be performed to extend the life of their paved surfaces.

Pavement maintenance repairs typically consist of one of the following:

PRO TIP: It is essential to have pavement evaluations completed by trusted pavement advisors.Look at Google reviews, client testimonials, and social media channels to learn more about your pavement maintenance contractor’s integrity and reliability.Requesting professional references is common for those looking to invest a significant amount of capital expenditure funds on their pavement.

Identifies Budgetary Needs for Current and Future Pavement Maintenance

Identifying the costs associated with much-needed pavement repairs is simple when you have pavement evaluation and repair options outlined.

Understanding the financial needs for current and future pavement maintenance allows property managers to keep their pavement budgets manageable and avoid an economic tidal wave of deteriorated pavements.The Pavement Group works hand-in-hand with clients to ensure they understand the range of pricing for each repair needed, depending on the repair option selected.

PRO TIP: Before having pavement maintenance work completed, make sure you fully understand the current and potential life cycle pavement costs involved based on the repair options chosen.

Provides a Historical Reference Point

Knowing the history of a section of pavement is incredibly valuable throughout the materials’ life cycle.Tracking the history of the pavement, whether it be a seal coat applied ten years ago, a mill and fill three years ago, or a full-depth reclamation last year, offers crucial insight into the maintenance and repair techniques that may be needed in subsequent years.

The Pavement Group has tools that help track your paved surfaces’ maintenance and give you peace of mind that you’re making the right fiscal, performance, and care decisions for your pavement time and time again.

Minimizes the Stress of Emergency Repairs

We understand how stressful pavement management can be.Weather, traffic loading and the maintenance techniques applied in previous years all impact your paved surfaces.With so much fluidity in the time and extent that deterioration happens from pavement to pavement, it’s no wonder that many property managers choose to have their pavements assessed annually.

There is a lot of value in knowing your pavement’s performance and the costs associated with an annual maintenance plan from both a financial and stress standpoint. Minimizing emergency repairs by having a proactive maintenance plan just makes sense.


A pavement assessment is the critical first step prior to any paving or preventative maintenance project.Assessments provide all the necessary information you need to select the right pavement maintenance treatments at the right time.Yearly pavement assessments allow property managers to be proactive with repairs while minimizing costly emergency pavement improvements.

Optimize your pavement’s longevity and performance with a fully integrated pavement assessment. From the initial pavement evaluation through project completion, The Pavement Group utilizes cutting-edge technology to evaluate and articulate the demands of your pavement investment. Contact Us Today!