Pavement maintenance is one of the fastest-growing niche markets in the construction industry. Continue reading to learn more about a fresh approach to managing large portfolios of parking lots.

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What is Pavement Maintenance?

In simple terms, pavement maintenance involves managing parking lots and the pavement (asphalt and concrete) assets that exist in the parking lot

It is not easy to manage the assets in this category, and even the most experienced property managers find the task overwhelming. They think managing a parking lot is not only time consuming, but also requires a ton of resources.

But what if we told you that this is simply not true?

Of course, it can cost a lot of money to fund the maintenance of pavement assets. But this is because most, if not all, property managers take the traditional approach. This approach involves having a contractor evaluate their parking lot and suggest repairs for each parking lot, which typically and unsurprisingly cost a lot of money.

As a result, the property managers have to overspend, or they simply give up on the project altogether.

If you have been through this experience or know someone who has, we are here to tell you that there is a better way to pavement maintenance that less costly and far less time-consuming.

Create a Strategy

What I have learned in my years in the pavement maintenance industry is that FACTS and DATA always trump the arbitrary opinions of contractors.

What I am suggesting is creating a Pavement Asset Management Strategy. This will take an overview of all the pavement assets you need to manage. The written strategy contains details like:

● Age and size of the pavement
● Condition of the asphalt & concrete surfaces
● Assigned and forecasted budgets for each property within your portfolio

The strategy should also contain goals on how to make the property more aesthetically appealing, eliminate 100% of the safety issues that exist, and also to increase the life of the pavement.

This approach continues to help us assist our clients with managing the pavement assets on thousands of their properties without incurring the challenges that usually come with trying to maintain their parking lots and sidewalks.

Checklist for Hiring Paving Contractors

Finally, you can reap the benefits of your pavement management strategy by hiring the right contractor. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right paving contractors:

● The contractor should be willing to look at multiple properties to give you an inventory of damaged areas on your assets
● Any evaluation or proposal your contractor sends you should be extremely detailed and thorough
● The contractor should offer solutions that are best for you, instead of recommending repairs that align with the work that fits their company best
● Look for honest, open and thorough communication with nothing held back

Finally, the contractor you hire should be in for the long run. Avoid any contractor that wants to win your projects to earn a quick buck.

So that’s about it! I hope this article helps you understand a fresh perspective on a problem that exists for so many property managers and facilities managers. You can use this approach to manage your parking lots and other pavement assets effectively without losing precious budget dollars (and your mind).

Do remember that this is not a quick-fix. The success of this approach requires total commitment from you, the property manager, and your contractor.

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