Ed Christensen


Ed Christensen, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of The Pavement Group. My family is my motivation and I am blessed to have them in my life. My wife Kate and I have four amazing sons, EJ, Ryan, Brandon and Sean. We also have a wonderful daughter in-law, Katie, and three granddaughters, Kylie, Ella and Ozzy.

One of my goals has always been to establish a company that exceeds every client’s expectation of professionalism and integrity while providing cutting edge solutions that solve their biggest problems.

I share Brian’s passion to serve clients in a unique data-driven way that is custom fit to their exact needs and that is what drove our team to form The Pavement Group. Our company was founded with the mission of solving our clients problems from many different perspectives. When you work with our operations and field teams, you will see exactly how we have designed every single process around bringing TRANSPARENCY and REAL-TIME information on the work we do to every client we work with.

I am excited for our clients to experience what we have spent our lives building here at The Pavement Group. Our old school values partnered with our unrivaled proprietary technology and data driven process will give you the exact experience that our clients have told us they wanted for years.

I am always available to our clients or anybody looking to talk to us about our company. We can’t wait for you to see exactly how much easier your life can get when you choose The Pavement Group for all of your pavement management needs.

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