7 Superb Surface Protectants For Asphalt Pavement

7 Superb Surface Protectants For Asphalt Pavement

Asphalt is a resilient material for quality paving, but it can lose out to the oxidizing forces of nature if neglected. Seal coats happen to be the universal solution to protecting the surface, layers, & life of your cherished pavement.

Whether residential or commercial asphalt, it will need due maintenance & repairs. Still, if you want the surfaces to last longer, you better pay attention to The Pavement Group’s advice to assess the right kind of seal coat for your turf.

Seal Coats


Asphalt or coal tar emulsions are liquid asphalt particles suspended in an emulsified aqueous solution. It is a stable solution that can survive long storage periods & requires a colloid mixer to refresh. The emulsion is heated to 185 F. It is dispensed via a spraying wand & takes around 20-40 minutes to break down and bind to the asphalt surface. It lasts up to 5 years.

Slurry Seals

It is an aqueous, miscible mixture of emulsified asphalt & fine aggregate that is dispensed over damaged asphalt to fill the defective cracks or raveling. They vary from fine to coarse aggregate suspended in the seal to deal with light to deep asphalt defects. They form a preparatory layer for other surface treatments to be dispensed.


It is a slightly advanced version of a slurry seal with mineral fillers & polymer additives that fill in slight pavement cracks and provide a reinforced, skid-resistant surface. It’s a popular surface treatment & protectant that gives a textured feel to the flexible or inflexible pavement.

Coal Tar

It is a thick & tarry mixture with an oil base used to coat asphalt driveways & playgrounds. However, it contains & releases toxic materials that can damage the environment. It includes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) that has been recognized for its toxic run-off & threat to human health.

Acrylic Seals

It’s an expensive but far effective option. It offers UV shielding, weather resistance, durability, & a range of colors perfectly suited for commercial applications. The material is also environmentally friendly & results in neutral surface run-off. It can last up to a lucky seven years before it needs a do-over.

Rejuvenators & Binders

Tack Coat

It is a thinner emulsion made from emulsified bituminous asphalt applied to bind pavement layers. It’s used as a binder between asphalt & aggregate layers during installation, patches, & overlays. Sometimes, the tack can also be used instead of a seal coat.

Fog Seal

It is a diluted application of a slow-set asphalt emulsion to rejuvenate aged & dried asphalt. It is low cost & revives the flexibility of asphalt pavement. It can help postpone the need for more rigorous surface treatments & are pretty effective as an inexpensive surface coating.

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