Although asphalt pavements are the most recommended choice of material for a surface’s longevity or sustainability, they also require regular maintenance and asphalt crack repair strategies. Otherwise, several various factors become the reason behind your pavement’s damage.

From improper asphalt installation, drainage glitches to heavy traffic load, and irregular maintenance schedule, the pavement can go under distress long before the expected time. Therefore, it is essential to quickly identify the lacking and cause of failure to save yourself from costly repairs.

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We will acknowledge the top six common pavement defects and failures in today’s blog to ensure you find the appropriate solutions for them.

Surface Issues

1.    Pot Holes

Have you ever seen bowl-shaped holes on top of the asphalt surfaces? Well, these are the potholes that progress to damaging the structure that supports your pavement if not taken care of in the early stages.

You might end up having to repave your entire pavement surface if the damage isn’t addressed quickly enough. These potholes are usually formed when cracks in the pavement surface happen and this shifts the stone and soil that supports your asphalt surface. Once the void exists under the pavement surface and heavy vehicles drive over the pavement surface, the asphalt will break due to lack of support and a pothole is formed.

2.    Patches

Instead of rebuilding the whole surface, sometimes pavers install an asphalt patch to cover the damaged area. Typical asphalt repairs (patches) are done by either milling a few inches the damaged asphalt and placing new asphalt in the area or by saw cutting the edges around the damaged area and replacing the full thickness of the existing asphalt.


3.    Longitudinal Cracking

Long parallel cracks meeting on the centerline of the asphalt pavement is called longitudinal cracking. At first, you will only see a few cracks, but later they can transform into multiple parallel cracks that point to the pavement’s deterioration.

The cause of these cracks can be a heavy traffic load, joint failures, or frost heaving. Furthermore, traverse cracking is similar to longitudinal cracking, except it is formed at the right angles to the pavement’s centerline.

4.    Block Cracking

Block cracking occurs when longitudinal or transverse cracking intersects. Huge irregular pieces of blocks form on the surface that weakens the asphalt layers and prevents them from giving maximum performance.

However, these cracks can sometimes be repaired with resurfacing but in some cases these areas need to be removed down to the stone and completely replaced.

5.    Alligator Cracking

Alligator cracking or fatigue cracking is a series of interconnected block cracks on the roads due to heavy traffic load, improper drainage, or damage on the surface layer. If not repaired in time, alligator cracks will cause potholes, which will ultimately require reconstruction of your surface.

6.    Edge Cracking

When the pavement edges are not correctly sealed, edge cracking starts to form after a short period. These cracks expand over time and develop alligator cracks in the asphalt surface. That’s why experts advise filling the edges with quality material and eliminate any excess moisture present on the edges.

The list doesn’t end here; surface defects such as raveling, bleeding, polishing, and delamination can also significantly affect your pavement’s performance.

Moreover, surface distortions such as rutting, shoving, depression, swell, and corrugations can also be a traffic hazard. Therefore, regular maintenance is required to ensure your pavement is in good shape and form.

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