5 Steps To Laying Out Your Spring Pavement Repair Project

5 Steps To Laying Out Your Spring Pavement Repair Project

Proactive asphalt repair is one of those practices that keep the clients & the maintenance contractors on a schedule.

Usually, the winters in Minneapolis, MN, are freezing, courtesy of arctic air. The moisture further induces lower temperatures that leave asphalt pavement vulnerable to freeze-thaw & water intrusion. When the snow melts away, asphalt cracks are revealed.

It is best to start planning your spring pavement repair project now. Here is how The Pavement Group suggests you go about it.

Step #1: Evaluate Your Asphalt Surfaces

Step outside in the cool arctic breeze tomorrow morning and gaze upon your asphalt dominium. Don’t forget a notepad and a spray can or utility marking flags if you’re savvy about it. Take a round of your parking lot, driveway, or the commercial pavement, and mark the areas that display large cracks, developing potholes, depressions, & upheavals.

Step #2: Do Some Solution-Searching

Typically, one expects their asphalt & concrete paving contractor to deal with the repairs. But if this is your first run, and you are apprehensive about being scammed, then a bit of research won’t hurt. You can decide whether your damaged pavement needs crack filling, sealcoating, milling, patching, or a full-depth overlay. Resurfacing is ideal for minor surface damage and quite feasible too, but if your pavement is like chunky slabs, it’s time you got a new one.

Step #3: Repair Material Options

If the repairs are limited to the surface or localized patching, then you need not worry about the kind of asphalt the contractor uses. However, if a new installation is required, you can consider HMA or porous asphalt. Since Minneapolis has tons of snow that eventually turns into water, porous asphalt isn’t such a bad idea.

Step #4: Project Budgeting

Money, money, money! You need quality repairs without the chunk in your bank balance, and spur-of-the-moment repair jobs are off the table. If you are a lot manager, you should probably save up for an extensive maintenance & repairs project once every decade. Same for residential clients, save up and set aside a budget for a regular maintenance schedule. An ideal maintenance cycle should include street sweeping, sealcoating, and minor crack filling & sealing.

Step #5: Get In Touch With The Pavement Group

First, be a knowledgeable customer and familiarize yourself with asphalt paving trends and terminology. Secondly, develop a sense of suitable asphalt & concrete repairs best suited to the pavement. And then, contact a paving contractor for quotations on a repair or maintenance project. Schedule for spring repairs at the earliest so that you avoid the sudden spring rush. That way, you will have the confidence and fore-knowledge of what questions to ask to ensure you have legitimate business dealing.

At The Pavement Group, we ensure that our focus is on helping our clients with paving choices to deliver the best quality. You freely consult our experts for quotations and are welcome to check our offerings in Minneapolis, MN.

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