We all take asphalt parking lots for granted – Especially line striping & pavement markings. A critical piece yet overlooked by many. Without line striping, we would see a major increase of car accidents, and parking chaos. We all take this simple fact for granted, that’s why it’s easy to often overlook issues, such as faded striping.

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Signs Your Parking Lot Needs A Restripe

Parking lot managers know the importance of proper line striping. For the ordinary guy, faded lines don’t seem to be a big problem. However, line striping is essential for the safety, maintenance, and overall attractiveness of your asphalt parking lot. 

As a property or facility manager, you may still faintly see the lines, but don’t assume that visitors will also have the same visibility. The bottom line is; you have to repaint your parking lot to avoid accidents and injuries on your property. 

Here are 5 signs that it might be time to repaint your parking lot:

1. Haphazard Parking

To start, one of the most apparent signs of fading stripes is parking problems. You may notice abrupt wheel stops, causing substantial damage to the asphalt. And visitors may also mistakenly park in handicapped parking spots just because the markings aren’t clear enough. 

2. Collisions

Secondly, minor collisions are another sign to watch out for. Often, the stripes become so thin that people find it hard to park accurately, resulting in collisions with other parked vehicles. So, if fenders benders are becoming common on your parking lot, chances are the striping need a touch-up. 

3. Aging

Sometimes, you just have to repaint your parking lot, not because of any issues, but just because the paint is reaching the end of its life span. We generally recommend that you repaint your lot every 2 to 3 years. But this depends on several factors. These include weather conditions, the quality of the paint, and the overall integrity of the asphalt. 

4. Maintenance

Minor repairs and sealcoating are essential ingredients of asphalt maintenance. If you had your asphalt parking lot repaired and seal coated, then you would also need to restripe the surface before opening it for the public. Once the sealcoating cures, your contractor will always give it a fresh restripe.

5. ADA Compliance

Finally, you may also have to repaint faded lines on your parking lot to comply with the Americans Disability Act (ADA). The ADA code dictates how you allocate disable parking spaces, and you need to comply with the law. In some cases, this means repainting the lot as soon as you notice fading to ensure handicapped parking spots are clearly delineated from the rest of the parking lot.   

That’s all for now! Remember that regular restriping makes your parking lot safer. It also increases the curb appeal of the property, giving your business a professional image. 

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