Your parking lots’ condition is the very first thing your visitors will notice.

And upon their first glance, they will make judgments about your business, depending on how appealing or unattractive your parking lot looks like.

For that reason, it becomes critical to get the aesthetics and safety aspects of your parking lot right on the money.

Any major parking lot issue – whether it’s potholes or faded line stripes – and there goes your chance of making an amazing first impression down the drain.

Thankfully, you can count on our team of paving experts at The Pavement Group to give your parking lot a full-blown makeover. All you have to do is click here to sign up for a free quote, and we will stop by to assess your parking lot. After a quick assessment, we will dive right in with whatever you need us to fix!

So, with that being said, let’s get straight into the 3 ways you can improve your parking lot and represent your business in a positive light.

1. Cover Those Cracks

It’s almost impossible for roads and parking lots not to succumb to Pittsburgh’s icy winters that create a never-ending freeze-thaw cycle for your asphalt and concrete surfaces.

This cycle causes the pavement to expand and contract, resulting in the surface to break apart and leave several cracks.

If you find cracks that are about 1-inch wide lurking in your parking lot, it is high time you get them repaired. Doing so will prevent these cracks from turning into much larger ones, and more importantly, will save you the liability of causing damage to your customer’s vehicle.

2. Invest In Proper Lights

A dull-looking parking lot can drive away potential customers. We would too if we were in their place.

That’s why it is so crucial to upgrade your lighting game to bring color and vitality back to your parking lot’s landscape.

Proper lighting will illuminate your parking lot and will display it as a safe place for your customers to park their cars in. This is critical because a dim-lit parking lot immediately sends off unsafe vibes – and this is where businesses lose their customers.

Also, upgrading your lighting will help your customers to see more clearly and navigate their way about the parking lot with much more ease!

3. Handicap-Friendly Parking Lots Are The Way To Go

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when constructing a parking lot, is leaving out the accessibility for handicapped customers.

Making your parking lot open to everyone is what will make your business stand out as attentive and considerate to their visitors’ needs. Trust us; you don’t want to miss this opportunity to win customers’ approval.

We recommend having at least two parking spaces in your lot for handicapped visitors.

Creating slopes with supportive railings leading to your shop’s entrance is another element you can add to make your parking lot extremely handicap-friendly!

If you reside in Pittsburgh, PA and are looking to upgrade your worn-down parking lot, you have come to the right people. Just click here to schedule a free pavement quote and we shall get started with working on your parking lot project immediately.

Our paving experts at The Pavement Group will transform your dreary-looking parking lot into an accommodative, beautiful, and extremely organized parking lot that will uplift your customer’s parking experience right from their first entrance!