Parking lot breakdown is inevitable. Even with regular maintenance, wear and tear and weather conditions ultimately take their toll on your asphalt and concrete.

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There are several reasons behind parking lot breakdown. A damaged lot not only looks ugly, but it is also a safety hazard for your customers and employees. You can lose a lot of business because of a damaged parking lot.

Here are the three major reasons behind parking lot breakdown.

Rough Weather

To begin with, harsh weather conditions wreak havoc on your parking lot. Ice, hail, rainfall, and UV rays, all impact the durability of both concrete and asphalt surfaces. Freeze-thaw cycles especially diminish the lifespan of parking lots, as freeze expands the cracks on the surface.

Luckily there are several ways to protect your parking lot from weather conditions. We offer a wide range of services (such as sealcoating) to add a layer of protection on your parking lot when the weather gets rough.

Heavy Loads

Moving on, damage occurs if there are loading areas on your parking lot and if your business requires heavy machinery. While parking lots are designed to carry heavy loads, there is a limit to how much they can take.

If heavy vehicles are continuously parked in the same space, or if you unload heavy machinery or equipment in the same area, the weight will eventually break the asphalt and concrete.

Poor Drainage

The third reason why you have a broken parking lot is poor drainage. Water can accumulate on the surface, especially after heavy rain or snowfall. The moisture will weaken the surface, leading to cracks and divots.

That is why experienced contractors will always inspect the drainage before designing and constructing a parking lot.

Other causes of parking lot breakdown

There are some causes of parking lot damage that you can avoid.

Parked cars, as well as foot traffic, leaves dirt, debris, and oil stains on your parking lot, and these also weaken the surface.  So you should regularly clean the area and even go for power washing at least once a year.

Moreover, some contractors use low-quality sealants to cut costs. However, these prove more costly in the long run! Water may seep into the asphalt, and roots of plants growing nearby can also cause cracks on the surface.

This can easily be avoided by using high-quality sealants from the get-go.

The ultimate reason why parking lots breakdown

We have discussed a couple of factors that deteriorate your parking lot and diminish its lifespan. However, it ultimately boils to one reason: Neglect.

Most property owners simply neglect maintenance. As a result, small issues that are easy to repair end up escalating to a point where you have to perform major repairs and construction work.

And while regular cleaning is necessary, you should consult your contractor at different times of the year to discuss how best to protect your parking lot and maintain its durability.

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